There is nothing alive anymore in the Dead City – or is there?

Two cities: one dead…
…the other, vibrant and alive.

But for Palus, the supposedly enlightened city of Zivvon was dead in a different way. Their intolerance of earth magick in favor of the intangible church-sanctioned magic of heaven weighed heavily on him. After all, Palus had been born a witch.

Two cities: one beautiful and flourishing…
…the other, not quite as dead as it would seem.

Yaira knows this as well as anyone. It wasn't safe to linger within the walls Tac. Her mother had made that mistake and paid the price for it.
Her father had warned her – Get in, get what we need and get out! But Yaira had inherited her mother's curiosity. And now something in the Dead City was growing curious of her.

Raine Szramski's epic gothic fantasy, Heaven and the Dead City, intricately weaves Asian, Victorian and Greco-Roman influences along with those of the Old West to create a world that is unique unto itself — a world where magic is pitted against magick.

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